Kinexus Prime pro+

More Rheology, less effort


The Research grade Power of Prime Rheometer 

The Kinexus Prime pro+ rheometer is specifically designed for the rheological characterization of dispersions and other complex liquids and soft solids, offering unparalleled dual-action capabilities for shear and vertical testing. This modular rheometer has true "plug and play" functionality for all measuring systems and environmental units and also enables groundbreaking standard operating procedure (SOP) based rheological testing.


The rotational rheology is a measurement method for determining the flow and deformation properties of materials using rotational movements. A sample is placed between two plates or in a cylindrical measuring system (e.g. a cone-plate system) and subjected to a rotating shear force. By analyzing the resulting shear StressStress is defined as a level of force applied on a sample with a well-defined cross section. (Stress = force/area). Samples having a circular or rectangular cross section can be compressed or stretched. Elastic materials like rubber can be stretched up to 5 to 10 times their original length.stress and shear rate, important rheological parameters such as viscosity, elasticity and yield point can be determined. This method is particularly useful for the characterization of liquids, gels, pastes and soft solids in various scientific and industrial applications.


Technical Data

 Kinexus Prime pro+
Torque range – viscometry3.0 nNm - 225 mNm
Torque resolution0.1 nNm
Frequency range

6.28 μrads-1 to 942 rads-1

(1 μHz to 150 Hz)

Normal force range0.001 N - 50 N
Vertical lift speed0.1 μms-1 to 35 mms-1

EasySwap and High Temperature Cartridges

  • Exclusive plug and play cartridge design
  • compatible with the entire Kinexus product line of rotational rheometers
  • EasySwap cartriges feature quick, easy and robust insertion
  • Automatic cartridge recognition and configuration
  • High-accuracy temperature sensor in close proximity to the sample
Peltier-Plate Cartridge with Active Hood (-40°C to 180°C)
Peltier-Cylinder Cartridge (-25°C to 200°C)
HTC Prime Cartridge (5°C to 450°C)

Proven Excellence in Service

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Experience the Ultimate in Test Flexibility with Sequence-Driven Rheometer Control

Toolkit Tests to Solve Your Material Puzzles:

  • Build an overall rheology picture of your material
  • Find an answer to material formulation, application or process problems
  • Targeted optimization of a key material characteristic, or implementation of a critical diagnostic test

The rSpace software is based on sequences consisting of basic rheological actions (or test modules). These can be linked to other test actions to create intelligent tests.

Related Devices

  • Kinexus Prime lab+

    Rotational Rheometer for Quality Control with SOP

    • Torque range - viscometry: 10 nNm to 200 mNm
    • Torque range - oscillation: 5.0 nNm to 200 mNm
  • Kinexus Prime ultra+

    High-end rheometer for highest demands

    • Torque range - viscometry: 1.0 nNm to 250 mNm
    • Torque range - oscillation: 0.5 nNm to 250 mNm
  • Kinexus Prime DSR+

    The world's most sensitive DSR for all construction and petro chemicals testing

    • Torque range - viscometry: 5 nNm to 225 mNm
    • Torque range - oscillation: 1 nNm to 225 mNm

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