Fire Testing

HBK 919

Horizontal Burner Box

Fire Testing System for determining the reaction to fire of materials used for vehicle interiors when exposed to a single flame source, in accordance with ISO 3795, DIN 75200, FMVSS 302, GB 8410, IS 15061, CMVSS 302, U.T.A.C. 18-502, FAR 25.853 

Well thought-out details along with the use of high-quality materials guarantee the HBK 919 system an extended product life while reducing wear and tear, lessening the need for cleaning and maintenance, increasing safety and greatly simplifying day-to-day work at the lab. In addition, the HBK 919 complies with the different vehicle manufacturers’ works standards.

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Features at a Glance

  • Sample holder for tests of interior fitting materials and components in accordance with car manufacturers' works standards
  • Main gas valve positioned on the left side of the device for easy accessibility
  • Adjustable pressure reducer for propane bottle, additional gas pressure reducer mounted directly on device
  • Precise sample holder guidance for fast and easy switching of samples
  • Burner box with fireproof glazing at the front, door with Bunsen burner at the side, pressure-reducing valve at the rear and top cover with handle (with optional thermometer mount); all parts made of stainless steel for long-term maintenance-free use
  • Sample holder without support wires; additional sample holders available as options
  • Stainless steel drip tray for collecting droplets/particles
  • Gauges for flame height
  • Digital stop watch for timing in accordance with standard

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