Silicon Wafer - Organic Contamination

In this example, a silicon wafer was measured with the Simultaneous Thermal Analyzer STA 449 F1 Jupiter®® coupled to the mass spectrometer QMS Aëolos® Quadro.

The large sample (1.6 g) was placed into an Al2O3 crucible (volume 5 ml) and heated to 800°C at 10 K/min under synthetic air.
Two very small mass-loss steps (0.002% and 0.008%) occur prior to 700°C due to the release of organic components.
To ensure clear demonstration, only the mass numbers m/z 15, 51, and 78 are presented here.

STA-MS measurement of a silicon wafer; mass numbers m/z 15, 78 and 51 are correlated to the mass-loss step between 500°C and 800°C.